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Paul Robinson – The Gospel DJ

Paul Robinson began his radio career in 1978 at WGNS radio in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Paul’s interest in Gospel Music began when his parents picked him up from school at Tennessee School For The Blind and took him to his first Gospel Music Concert which was held at the War Memorial Auditorium.  The year was 1968.  The Oak Ridge Boys, The Thrasher Brothers, Bob Wills, The Stamps Quartet, The Blackwood Brothers, and The Jennings Trio took the stage.  He was hooked.  Though he could not see what was happening on stage, he heard and felt every note, every movement and most of all the energy that was created on stage that night.

From those early days, the planning began and he sat out to what ever he could in presenting the best in Gospel Sound where ever and however he could.  First on radio, and then moving into promotions.  He has promoted some of the best gospel concerts in the Middle Tennessee area over the years.  With groups like The Cathedrals, The Kingsmen, The Stamps Quartet, The McKameys, Chuck Wagon Gang, The Crabb Family, Charles Johnson & The Revivers and many more.  Those who attended a Paul Robinson Concert were assured a great line up of talent.

It has been Paul’s dream of owning his own radio station for years now.  The finances of such an endeavor had previously put this dream out of reach, until now with internet radio.

“I hope you will enjoy the music presented here, and will continue to come back time and time again for some of the best music.  The music that touches my heart, and tickles my ears.” Paul Robinson

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